Cobalt: how to crack

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Cobalt: how to crack

Post  octavious on Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:36 pm

Alright people i will show you today on how to get a cracked version of cobalt without downloading anything unofficial

1. go to

2. download thier installer

3. install it along with open al and any of the other programs

4. in the cobalt directory create a new txt file called
Note the file extension must be .id and not .id.txt ( if your computer does not display file extensions follow these steps
A. go to my computer
B. on the top left there should be a button that is called organise click that
C. click folder and search options
D. Click the view tab
E. Scroll down till it says "hide extensions for known file types"
F. Uptick that box)

5. start cobalt and click play offline

6. Enjoy!


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