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Minecraft Servers

Post  octavious on Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:29 pm

If you have any servers post them here

Note: if they are not owned by you then you must say that
Double Note: if they are premium put at the end (premium) if they are cracked put at the end (cracked)
Triple Note: if you have any methods of creating cracked servers post them here

I will start and my one is a method on how to create a cracked server

1. Get the server.exe from minecraft.net

2. Run it in a new folder to generate the files

3. Open Server.properties and type in your server Ip ( to find your ip for windows 7 click the windows button or start then type in the search box cmd then run it then type ipconfig with no spaces and scroll till you find ipv4 adress and copy it into the server.properties

4. In the server.properties find online mode and change it to false

5. get logmeinhamchi

6.create a network ( all people who wish to play on your server must join that network and have hamachi)

7. Enjoy!

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